Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sad news

Okay, we got the most terrible new the day before yesterday. Someone discovered the body of my classmate in the North Sasketchwan river earlier on Tuesday. It just confirmed the worst case scenario that everyone didn't wanna think just sucks so much that such a young life was taken away. He should've lived a long happy life and gotten a nobel prize for math. Its so unfair. The police think that it wasn't a result of foul play, so it must've been an accident. It just really made me realise how short and unpredictable our lives are. He was biking to a music festival through a ravine area, he must've biked through that area all his life. How was he to know what would've happened. I'm just so sad, he should've stayed in Toronto where someone will know if you had an accident! If you are reading this post please take a moment to pay respect to Robert. Thanks, Kay.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Grey cloud with no silver line...

Okay, so when I first started this blog I wasn't gonna post anything dark and depressing...but I think I'm gonna make an exception today. One of my class-mates has gone missing since Sunday when he was last seen before going to meet his friends. Now I didn't know this guy too well, but he was one of the most smartest kids in our department and everyone liked him. He didn't seem like a guy who would have issues or run away or at least go out without telling someone. Apparently he has gone out of town to visit his parents for two weeks and there he was going to meet his friends at night. He has left home and never met his friends or come back...all of today I was so upset because the police is thinking that he may have been a victim of foul play. He is such a brilliant and nice guy...right now, all of the people in our class are hoping that he did have some issues and just ran away and will show up sometime soon. Or that he had an accident and suffering from amnesia..anything to convince ourselves that he's alive and well and that we'll see him in September. This whole thing just made me realise how short our lives are and that's so depressing...I think I'm gonna watch Notting Hill now, that is always a feel good movie.

Change of blog!

A note to the lovely visitors to my blog: The previous blog under this URL was also named "To see the world in a grain of sand...", however, it had (some) different posts and links to different websites. I have decided to make some changes to my blogs. The previous blog can now be viewed here, because I've decided to keep that blog for book reviews and everything related to my love of reading romance novels :) Cheers, Kay.

Eye Candy

Each week (more or less, depending on how much time I'll have after September...) I will post photos of some absolutely yummy guys. This week I'm posting the reason why I like soccer :) I transferred this post from by previous blog because I wanted to keep that blog all about romance novels. Anyway, I'll probably start posting photos of guys who will make the ideal romance cover-hero in my other blog. I wish North America had more of the excitement that Europeans have about soccer, all my friends from Europe had time off work or school to watch the FIFA world cup. I wish situation here in Canada was the same only one question that a sock in Fabio Cannavaro's underwear?

First Post

Hello everyone, welcome to my second blog. This post is to check whether the blog works properly. Cheers, Kay.

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